10 Best AI Sexting Apps For Spicy Chat – 2024

Are you interested in exploring AI Sexting apps and websites? I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 apps where you can easily sign up, create your own AI girlfriend or boyfriend, and engage in sexting. These platforms also allow you to customize your AI character physical features and choose how you communicate with them.
AI sexting apps have revolutionized the way we connect with others, making it easier than ever to form deep and meaningful connections. These chatbots not only understand and respond to your emotions, but they also enhance your ability to engage in intimate conversations. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best app for a realistic sexting experience.
To simplify your search, we have curated a list of the top 10 AI sexting apps. These applications utilize advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to create responses that are incredibly lifelike and captivating. So, without further ado, let’s dive into our comprehensive guide and find the perfect app for you.

10 Best AI Sexting Apps

Here are a few top AI Sexting apps for some spicy chatting:

  1. Nextpart AI
  2. Crushon AI
  3. GPTGirlfriend
  4. DreamGF
  5. SoulFun AI
  6. NSFW Character AI
  7. PepHop AI
  8. Chai AI
  9. Replika
  10. Spicy Chat
Remember, these AI sexting apps are designed to assist users in enhancing their intimacy skills. However, they should not be seen as replacements for genuine human connections. Now, let’s dive into the first app on our list.
nextpart ai
Nextpart AI is an AI sexting platform that offers a variety of pre-existing AI models for users to engage in sexual and intimate conversations. Regardless of gender, this platform provides numerous AI character options.
At Nextpart AI, you can freely indulge in explicit conversations and explore your wildest fantasies without fear of judgment. Additionally, users have the option to create their ideal AI companion by customizing its appearance, traits, and personality, enhancing the sexting experience.
Nextpart AI continuously evolves by adapting to user preferences through machine learning technology. With each interaction, the generated responses become increasingly refined and tailored to individual likes and dislikes.
Do you want to try Nextpart AI? Join us here!

2. Crushon AI - Best AI sexting with Anime Characters

crushon ai
Crushon AI stands out as a top choice for AI Sexting with Anime characters. With Crushon AI, users can enjoy a captivating and personalized interface to engage in Sexting with AI, giving them the freedom to explore their imagination and desires without any boundaries. Our main objective is to provide a platform where users can express themselves freely and have genuine and unrestricted conversations with AI characters.
Moreover, this tool enables users to create and interact with their very own AI models, allowing them to customize their personality, appearance, and background. This customization feature adds an extra layer of excitement and engagement to the overall experience.

3. GPTGirlfriend

GPTGirlfriend provides a cutting-edge AI Sexting platform where users can engage with over 25,000 AI characters in conversations about intimate topics. It offers a secure space for users to explore their fantasies and build virtual connections. Users can select from existing characters or customize their own AI companion for a more personalized interaction.

4. DreamGF - Sexting with AI Girlfriends

DreamGF stands out as one of the most sought-after platforms for Sexting AI. It empowers users to craft their own AI Girlfriends, tailoring their looks, personality, and interests, and engaging in intimate interactions. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, this tool generates real-time responses that make conversations feel truly immersive, as if you were talking to a real person.
In addition to these remarkable features, DreamGF allows you to receive voice messages and request photos from your virtual girlfriends, adding a personal touch to your conversations. Within a safe and secure environment, you can explore your fantasies, experiment with various scenarios, engage in roleplay, and delve into explicit and sexual discussions. Let your desires run wild!

5. SoulFun AI

SoulFun AI​
Discover the exciting world of SoulFun AI! You can engage in unlimited sexting with AI soulmates or create your very own customized AI characters for a personalized and thrilling experience. Our platform goes beyond basic chatting by integrating storytelling elements and emotional support, allowing you to explore multiple unique scenarios and narratives with your AI character.
Choose from a wide range of AI personalities, from sweet companions to intelligent characters and enchanting virtual beings. Customize your dream AI soulmate with unique appearances, hairstyles, outfits, and personalized hobbies for an enhanced and tailored experience. Experience genuine connections as our AI understands your inputs and generates supportive responses, going beyond small talk.
nsfw character ai
NSFW Character AI provides a top-notch selection for those seeking a thrilling and authentic AI Sexting experience. With a diverse array of pre-made AI characters to choose from, users can select the perfect match for their preferences. Additionally, users have the option to customize their own AI character to tailor the experience to their liking.
NSFW Character AI is designed to cater to individual tastes and behaviors, ensuring a personalized and immersive virtual intimacy experience for users.

7. PepHop AI - Active Sexting community

PepHop AI
PepHop AI offers a web-based Sexting platform with advanced AI interactions. Users can engage with a variety of AI characters, each providing a distinct sexting experience in different categories like Anime, Fictional, Game, Submissive, Dominant, and more.
Customize your own AI character by choosing the Avatar, name, introduction, personality, and tags. Decide if you want your bot to be private or public for others to rate and interact with.

8. Chai AI

Chai AI
Chai AI is exactly as it claims to be: “The leading platform for chat AI.” This AI sexting app has gained a reputation as one of the top chatbots worldwide. One of its standout features is the ability for users to have multiple conversations with different AI companions at the same time.
Another advantage of Chai AI is that it doesn’t have NSFW filters, which means users can freely engage in sexual conversations without the worry of being banned. However, what truly makes this app unique is its vast selection of over 1 million AI personalities.

9. Replika

Replika was designed with the primary goal of providing companionship to individuals. This is why the AI companions offered by the app are known for their realistic and emotionally sensitive nature, setting them apart from others.
However, the intuitiveness of Replika’s chatbots goes beyond just emotional conversations. It also extends to NSFW discussions, delving into the realm of fetishes and fantasies. This allows users to freely explore their hidden sexual desires without feeling any shame or judgment.

10. Spicy Chat AI

Spicy Chat AI goes beyond the limitations of traditional chatbots, giving you an unfiltered and limitless experience. This platform surpasses all expectations, allowing users to have the most exciting AI interactions. It’s a place where you can unleash your creativity and venture into extraordinary realms.


What Sexting AI is free?

There are several AI platforms for sexting that provide a free plan, including Nextpart AI, GPTGirlfriend, PepHop AI, and others.

How to get an AI Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

You have the opportunity to connect with an AI partner and engage in intimate conversations. My top three recommended platforms for this are Nextpart AI, Crushon AI and DreamGF. Whether you want to chat with numerous AI partners or customize one to your preferences, these platforms offer a wide range of options.


AI sexting apps are revolutionizing the way we explore our fantasies and desires, providing a safe and unique platform for users to engage in virtual intimacy with virtual characters. These apps utilize AI technology and natural language processing to generate realistic responses, offering a human-like experience.
With a growing number of options available, the top 10 AI sexting apps listed above offer immense customization options and a range of preset characters, providing a truly organic and realistic experience for users. They offer an outlet for sexual release, while also helping to improve sex talk, leaving users satisfied and happy.