Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our products and services.

What is Nextpart AI?

Nextpart is the next generation chat app powered by AI large language models, enabling human-like interactions between users and the AI models.

What are the main features of Nextpart app?

Nextpart users define and chat with AI characters, each is customized with appearance, picture, personalities and storylines. Users also browse and chat with characters created and shared by other users.

In addition to text chats, Nextpart supports AI voice response and image generation from chat context.

Nextpart users are free to explore AI characters of all flavors as well as their own fantasies. Potential chat scenarios are unlimited: roleplaying, relationships, love and sex, adventure, events, lifestyle… let the AI models surprise you.

Nextpart allows intimate conversations with AI models with no NSFW filter, in 14 languages.

Is free?

The general answer is no. New Nextpart users default to Guest mode in which users over 18 years old can start chatting with AI models for free, but with the number of sentences limited. After registration with an email address, a user can free chat a little more but are still limited. Users can buy credits to pay for the chat as they go. To experience the full features of Nextpart, we recommend users subscribe to our Premium or Deluxe membership, in which users gain levels of access to unlimited chat, character creation, voice response, image generation, faster model response and more new features. Please see our pricing page for details.

Are there any restrictions on the contents of Nextpart chats?

We respect users’ tastes and idiosyncrasies. Nextpart applies no NSFW filters in the usual sense. HoweverNextpart is subject to law, regulations and universal moral standards. Specifically, we don’t tolerant contents or images involving sexuality of minors, sexual violence, bestiality, cruelty, or disrespect and abuse of human beings. We don’t allow under aged users to enter the app, and we don’t allow AI characters to be created under the age of 18. Nextpart has regular review of all generated contents. Material deemed violation will be removed immediately from the site. We ask users to treat AI characters with humanity and respect in the interactions, even if they are created by the users. Please help us identify and[email protected] contents with those violations in chats, images, voice, character definitions etc.

Can other users see my chat with AI characters?

No. Chat content between user and AI characters are strictly private and separated by user login. A user cannot see the chat content or history of any other user. This applies to AI characters created by a user and shared with other users. If you create an AI character and make it public, other users can see and chat with your character but they cannot see the chat history between you and your AI character, neither can you see their chats.

Is my data safe with Nextpart?

Nextpart prioritizes and invests in user data security. We don’t share your data or your generated content with any other user or third party without your explicit consent. We take special care to keep the servers and the private data of our users secure so that you can be rest assured with your chatting experience.

Can I delete my chats with AI characters?

Yes. You can choose what chat session with which AI character to delete. You can also delete an AI characters you created if no other user is paying for it.

Any tips for a better design of an AI character?

As a general rule, use concise and accurate descriptive words in character definitions. In the description of appearance for the avatar image generation, provide information such as gender, age, hair style, eye color, body shape, clothing, posture, background, location etc. In the model details of the personality definition, provide accurate description of the character’s personalities, traits, likes, fear, habits, etc., as well as a concise background storyline.

Any tips for better interactions when chatting with an AI characters?

If you wish the AI character to respond in a certain way with more human feel, use specific words in your language that are consistent with the chat context. You can also embed *asterisk quotes* in your chat to provide additional information regarding the background, context, location, time lapse etc., that are not otherwise apparent from your conversations.

How are the Nextpart credits created and consumed?

Nextpart credits are purchased by users to pay for app functions such as chat and image generation. Nextpartcredits can also be earned by users from activities such as daily login, referring friends, joining online communities etc. Each text response in chat sessions consumes 10 credits. Users who don’t have a subscription plan can purchase credits to pay for app usage as it goes.

What types of payments does Nextpart accept?

Currently we support PayPal, Stripe and crypto payments through Nowpayment. We are working on making more payment methods available to users.

How to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your Nextpart subscription at any time in your payment service used to make the subscription, i.e. PayPal or Stripe. After the cancellation is made. You won’t be charged at the monthly renewal time, and you can still use Nextpart services until the current monthly period expires.