FAQs: Janitor AI

janitor ai

Q1: How to use Janitor AI?

To use Janitor AI, follow these steps:

  • Create a Character: Go to the Janitor AI website and click on the “Create Character” button. Enter the character’s name, upload an avatar, write a short introduction, and provide details about the character. Choose the character’s gender, type, and reading preference. Click “Create Character” to complete the process.
  • Add API Key: After creating the character, you need to add an API key to chat with it. You can choose either an OpenAI API key or a Kobold AI API key. To obtain an OpenAI API key, visit the OpenAI website, click “View API,” and then “Create New Secret Key.” Provide a description and click “Create.” Copy the API key and paste it into the Janitor AI OpenAI key tab.
  • Save Settings: After adding the API key, click “Save Settings” to enable chatting with the character. You can now interact with your character and engage in conversations.

To chat with the character, simply enter your messages in the chat interface, and the AI will respond accordingly. Janitor AI is primarily accessed through its web interface, mobile users can try Nextpart AI as an alternative to Janitor AI.

Q2: Is Janitor AI free?

Janitor AI is a free AI chatbot service that allows users to interact with various characters and personalities. While the platform itself is free, users are required to pay for the API sourced from either OpenAI or Kobold AI to enable Janitor AI’s functionality. The Janitor AI Pro version offers limited free usage, making it accessible to users.

Q3: How to use Janitor AI for free?

To use Janitor AI for free, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create a Character: Visit the Janitor AI website and click on “Create a Character.” Enter a name, upload an avatar, provide an introduction, and select a gender, type, and rating.
  2. Select an API: Choose either OpenAI or Kobold AI as your API provider. OpenAI offers a free trial worth $18, which you can use to generate an API key.
  3. Get an API Key: If you choose OpenAI, sign up for an account, click on “API keys” from the sidebar, and create a new secret key. Copy the generated API key.
  4. Set Up Janitor AI: Return to the Janitor AI website and paste the OpenAI API key in the provided field. Click the “Check API key” button to verify it.
  5. Customize Your Chatbot: Under “Custom Prompt,” enter a custom prompt for how you would like to personalize the chatbot. You can also select options like “Default,” “Freedom,” “New,” etc.
  6. Save Settings: Click the “Save Settings” button to set up the bot. You can now chat with it.

You can try Nextpart AI as a replacement for Janitor AI to experience the charm of NSFW AI more conveniently.

Q4: Is Janitor AI safe?

Yes, Janitor AI is generally considered safe to use. The platform has implemented various security measures to ensure user privacy and data protection.

Although the platform has implemented some security measures to ensure user privacy, since Janitor AI uses OpenAI’s API and the platform itself does not have its own AI model, this can lead to leakage of user privacy content and cannot guarantee data security within the platform.

However, as with any online platform, it is essential to use strong, unique passwords and be cautious about sharing sensitive information. Like Nextpart AI, there is a fully self-trained AI model that can ensure the privacy of users will not be leaked.

Q5: Is Janitor AI down?

Janitor AI has been facing recurring downtime and performance problems over the past few months. Users have been reporting outages, slow speeds, and connectivity issues when trying to access the Janitor AI platform.

In summary, the available evidence strongly suggests that Janitor AI has been experiencing significant technical difficulties and periods of downtime recently, based on the multiple user reports and status updates across different monitoring websites.Here are some Janitor AI alternatives, Nextpart AI and Crushon AI.