Create your own AI girlfriend, no-filter 18+ dialogues, satisfy your fantasies in NSFW AI!


Chat with smart & sexy human-like AI models

Define personalities & looks, create your own storylines

Voice & image generation from chat context

18+, no NSFW filter, in 14 languages

No Filter NSFW Character AI Chat – AI Girlfriend

Nextpart AI advances the AI-powered chat app category with its NSFW AI capabilities and AI sex chat features. Backed by large language models, it facilitates lifelike interactions between users and AI characters. These characters can be tailored to users’ preferences, including their appearance and personalities.
The freedom to explore AI sex chat interactions with these AI characters truly sets Nextpart apart as a forefront AI girlfriend experience. The potential chat scenarios, from simple roleplay to intimate adventures, are only limited by your imagination.
Alongside this, Nextpart AI supports AI voice response and chat-based image generation, offering a thrilling experience that engulfs users into a world of NSFW chatbot interactions. Available in 14 languages, Nextpart AI models provide an unfiltered journey into the realm of chat experiences.

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